Sujoy Das Research Group

Bioinspired Nanomaterials Laboratory (BiNL)

             Welcome to Bioinspired Nanomaterials Laboratory (BiNL)

Our current research in the Biological Materials Laboratory of CSIR-CLRI focuses on exploitation of biological materials in synthesis of novel nanomaterial and their utilization for a range of application; from waste water management to biomedical science. The lab pursues a broad range of research interests that include biomimetics and bioinspired nanomaterial synthesis, understanding the fundamental mechanism of bioinspired nanomaterial synthesis, design of multi functional nanomaterials, utilization of bio and nanomaterials in pollution control management, and application of nanomaterials in catalysis, biosensing and biomedicine. Read more...





Ms. Priyadarshani Choudhary (INSPIRE-SRF) has been selected for Newton Bhaba Fellowship to carry out short-term research work in University of Oxford, London

Our recent paper has been accepted for publication in Biomaterials Science (I.F. 5.86), RSC Journal. Congradulation Mr. Parandhaman

Mr. Parandhaman submitted PhD Synopsis to AcSIR